This is a complicated post. I am not sure where to post this but since my son's a toddler so I'll put it here...

LO is 23+ months. He is on the small / skinny side. On top of that, he still isn't speaking. He talks a lot and has some meaningful words, just that no one understands his babbling in general. Most of the other tots his age are carrying simple conversations. I have been counting and I think I counted that he has 90 words (in human language). There are probably more (I'd say total 110-120+), in a mix of Cantonese and English.

(Side note: A friend our age she is raising her daughter trilingual. She is 3 days older than my son. Even she is having little conversations now and mimics a lot. My son mimics too, but the outcome sounds off and some are not understandable)

In his current class (18-24 mo) he is pretty much the last ones left to transition to the next class (2 year old). His birthday is in 2 weeks (end of January), and I always assume they'd be transitioning in a week or two. Yesterday the director came and told me we'll be transitioning in February instead, and his offical start date at the next class is March 1.

I have been trying not to worry about him seemingly slower than other tots, but this makes me think again. Is there anything I can do to help him catch up with his peers in terms of development?

I am 99% sure he is not autistic, but should I start worrying about it again? What would be the negative consequences for a mildly delayed child? I was told on the boards that the consequence of delayed speech without treatment could affect literacy in the future. So I wonder if there were an equivalent "effect" for overall development delay.