Strange title huh.... What are some of the words / things that you are surprised your toddler knows at his age, that you probably didn't know when you were his/her age, or didn't even know until now?

LO is obsessed with trains, so we bought many books about trains. Some of the books teach about the name of each car (engine, tender, hopper car, gondola car, caboose), the different roles on the train (engineer, fireman, brakesman, conductor), and even the actual parts of the steam engine (I had no idea what pistons are until recently!). LO isn't into the actual components of the steam engine yet, but he definitely know about tender, caboose, engineer...etc. that to be honest, I had no idea what they are called until now.

And also, I didn't know what the different machineries (excavator, bulldozer, crane truck, cement mixer...etc) are called in a construction site. I wouldn't know if LO didn't have a great interest in the topic, and we just learned about them together.