Do any of you have a bucket list you will be doing while pregnant and before baby? I have been thinking alot about this since we are 10 weeks from being due. I am so excited for my baby boy and hate to wait but i also think it's vital i don't just wish these weeks away but enjoy them and the last chance for it to be just me, hubby and baby. I am trying to compile a reasonable list for a pregnant person to accomplish this summer. some of what i thought of.

1. go to the movies
2. enjoy my sleep as best as i can (3rd tri is uncomfy).
3. see any shows or concerts i can comfortably.
4. some dinners out.
5.camping trips or weekend getaways if i can (cant do a babymoon but we did get pregs on our honeymoon so it wasnt too long ago.
6. enjoy some alone time just myself,when Hubs is at work.
7. any kind of personal pampering.

what else can you ladies think of? any suggestions? what is or was on your baby bucket list?