I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on being pregnant while parenting a toddler and working full time. I’m 8 weeks along with number 2 and my morning sickness gets cumulatively worse all day. My two year old has started noticing (and crying about) the fact that I need to take 15-30 minutes to lie down most evenings between daycare pick up and dinner when my symptoms get bad. I try to graze and not let myself get too hungry, but most days I just feel exhausted and very sick by the end of my work day. Mint gum helps a little bit, but I have no luck with ginger tea or gum and carbonated beverages definitely make it worse for me. Any advice would be appreciated.

PS- I’m also a little bit worried that my daughter is going to tell people at daycare that I’m not feeling well, which given Covid restrictions could mean that we have to choose between telling before we’re ready and keeping DD home. If it comes down to it I’d tell, but since I’ve lost 4 pregnancies in the past I’d really rather wait.