If you had no morning sickness in your first pregnancy, were the rest of your pregnancies morning sickness free as well?

I was so hoping this would be the case but we're around 5.5 - 6 weeks pregnant with our second LO and I am definitely feeling the nausea this time. Last time I never even felt queasy (but did have terrible cramping) so this is a completely new, and entirely unwelcome, feeling for me. I have zero appetite and anything I do try to eat either runs right through me, or makes me feel so crappy that it's not worth the effort to eat!

I'm still BF'ing my 11.5 month old DD four times per day and am wondering if this is making things worse. Regardless, I need to get some food in me but just hate feeling so crappy! It's better when I don't eat, which seems to go against what everyone else says about MS.

Ugh, I am hoping this is just a temporary thing and is gone ASAP because it sucks!!!

Any stories to share?