After sleep training, I'm still finding myself putting LO in the crib drowsy. She still cries or fusses a little after I put her down, but will fall asleep on her own after a few minutes. Don't get me wrong, her nap and sleep routine has definitely still improved, but I think I just expected a little more from the days and days of CIO-ing with LO.

My original goal was to be able to plop LO in her crib awake after sleep training, but LO definitely seems to need some help getting drowsy. Granted I have been soothing LO a little longer these days, as she seems to need some more time to wind down before naps, but I also caved because I think she's going through Wonder Week 37, and the 9 month sleep regression. Now I'm considering retraining her to be able to be put in the crib awake, but I have some mommy guilt about putting her through it again and not doing it right the first time. =(

After sleep training, do you still need to put your LO down drowsy, or are you able to put them in the crib awake and have them fall asleep completely on their own?