Hi everyone,
We are moving this week. LO is almost 6 months old. He has slept in his crib before but has lately been in our bed since he has been out of the swaddle. His crib has always been next to me in our room. Well we will be moving him to his own room and crib. Any suggestions on how we should do this? I don’t want to do cold turkey... I nurse to sleep so I am hoping to cut that too. So much but I think we can address everything. Hoping to take steps but would like to know what you think is the best way....?!
1. Should we start the first day in the new home? 2. Should I break it up and do naps and night sleep separately?
3. Should I continue to nurse or just move that early in his bedtime routine and put him down in his crib awake “but drowsy”?
4. Should we have a night light in his new room? or pitch black? He has a sound machine.
5. Any suggestions that would be helpful for me? I’m dreading this

Thank you again for your input! I really do appreciate it!