LO is a little over 3 months and has been sleeping on the floor (of our master bedroom) with me. He can wake up 2-3x's a night to nurse. But I've noticed recently that he wakes easily at sounds and I would like to get him in his own room soon. Truth be told, id like to cuddle with my husband at night...i miss him!

Problem is, I'm scared!

Does that mean I have to go into his room mult times a night just to nurse? Do I have to crib train? As it is, his naps are difficult...he doesn't seem to want to nap in the pack n play bassinet...which is what is currently set up in "his" room now.

Question - when and how did you transition your ebf baby to their own crib and room? Did you wait until LO woke up less frequently or just bit the bullet and went into their room mult times a night?