My 8 week old has always been a good sleeper giving us a 5-6 hour stretch at night from the beginning. She has been sleeping in a RnP near my side of the bed, but she is very tall and I notice she wakes up sometimes uncomfortable that she has scooted so far forward. We swaddle so don't normally strap her in, although I finally did that this week so she couldn't slide down and she slept even longer! 10 hours 2 nights ago, woohoo!

I figure though, it's time to move her to the crib bc she is getting noisier and I am tired of tiptoeing around my bedroom and I don't want to have to make the transition when i go back to work next month.

So I setup her crib last night - angled one side of the mattress with a pillow underneath and make a snuggle nest with a rolled towel under the sheet. Even put her RnP insert on top. Still swaddled, white noise. I even set up the air mattress in her room so I could sleep there the first few nights. Ready to go! This should work right? Wrong!!!!!

She slept for 2 hrs from 9:45-11:45, but after that I was up until 3 am rocking shucking her back t sleep. She stayed for 5 mins at most in the crib each time, usually less. I finally brough th RnP into the nursery and she slept in it for 4 hours until 7am.

So I have no idea what to attempt tonight. Try again and stick it out? Go back to the RnP? I got very little keep and as a result has very little milk when I woke up.

What would you guys do?