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Entering Kindergarten Fall 2018 - Parents Chat

  1. hitchhiker

    cherry / 182 posts

    @Adira: The lack of info is terrible. Until a few weeks ago, we had heard absolutely nothing since dropping off paperwork in May. When we called, the office said they were still processing paperwork. Then last week we checked in again, and they said they had no record of us, and could we resubmit everything. This sent me into a tailspin, since I was going to have to get all new medical paper work (note to self: make copies!!). Then a few hours later they said they found our paper work in a drawer. They said they are mailing us all of the info about after care and school supplies, etc., but it still hasn't arrived?! Luckily my husband dropped by one day and got at least some of that info, but it's all a little too disorganized for me to handle.

  2. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30647 posts

    @hitchhiker: Ugh, that sounds like a nightmare! My best friend is a teacher in the district and she was able to at least look up my son and see that he IS registered and in the system, so that's a relief! I e-mailed the principal of our school to ask some info and her response was basically "You should have asked those at Orientation, but we'll be back in the office on August 21st". Ugh. So definitely not hearing anything before that, that's for sure!

  3. Silva

    pomelo / 5875 posts

    I'm sorry you are all dealing with this disorganization, but I have to say it makes me feel a little better! We've been having all kinds of trouble with communication around getting my daughter enrolled in art and music at the school and I was starting to feel like it was a little personal or that they were making assumptions about me as a homeschooler! Maybe its just all chaos!

    We did find out that the specials schedule is a 4-day one, so the days of the week that my daughter goes to school won't be consistent. This is pretty annoying, and it seems like a weird choice for them to make because it doesn't offer the kids a lot of consistency or predictability, but whatever. We can work around it.

  4. mdf106

    clementine / 758 posts

    We received a postcard with information last week, or the week before. Today the school texted, e-mailed, and left a phone message with the same information (and did the same to DH). At least they are making an effort.

  5. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    Oh man I feel for all of you who are in limbo or waiting on communication. Reading your posts makes me feel very lucky that we have had as much info as we have which seems like it's connected to the small charter school setting vs. public school. I hope you all get more communication soon!!

    Open house is next Friday , 8/10 and I am excited to meet her teachers, let LO see the classroom again, and possibly meet some other students and *fingers crossed* some she knows from last year on the playground will still be there. So far none of her classmates from VPK at the same school are staying on for Kinder.

  6. Mrs. Carrot

    blogger / pear / 1543 posts

    For anyone who has kiddos coming out of pre-K right into K - are you giving them any time off in between or doing anything special? Our Pre-K is year round, daycare style, and we'll be off the day before K officially starts on the 28th to do the school's open house, but we're thinking about also taking the previous Friday off, have her last day be that Thursday and doing something fun/special. Wondering what others may be thinking.

  7. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30647 posts

    @Mrs. Carrot: For us Kindergarten starts on the 5th, and his last day of Pre-K/Daycare will be the 31st, so he'll have the weekend, Labor Day, plus Tuesday off before he starts K. So... not a ton of time off, but the Daycare really isn't the school format during the summer - they have a ton of fun stuff going on that he won't want to miss. Plus once he starts real school, he'll be in summer camp during the summer, so no real breaks anyway except vacations...

  8. hitchhiker

    cherry / 182 posts

    @Mrs. Carrot: We start on 9/4, and are taking off 8/30 and 8/31 to do some fun stuff. Mostly it's an excuse for me to take a couple days off work, but I wanted to give her a little break, too.

    My husband and I are also taking off 9/4 to celebrate the first day of K as a parenting milestone. I heard a podcast recently that suggested it was important to celebrate your own parenting milestones in order to not put too many of your own emotions into your kid's milestones (e.g., moms crying at K dropoff). I liked the idea, so we are going for it.

  9. Becky

    kiwi / 656 posts

    We’re not doing anything special in between. We’re going on vacation all next week, and school starts 9/6, so technically Labor Day could be our special day off.

    We just got our teacher assignment and it’s a neighbor we just started seeing socially! She came over for a bbq the same day we got our letter in the mail. She used to work at the local Montessori school and thought she would stay there forever, but started working in the public schools a few years ago. The first time we met her we talked about how strong our district is and how the alternative schools are struggling to stay alive because the public school is doing such a good job of incorporating different learning opportunities. She does yoga in the classroom and takes them out sometimes twice a day. Needless to say I am so relieved!

    We have a supply drop off and bus orientation on 8/30, so now the only thing I’m still nervous about is getting myself organized enough to pack good lunches!

  10. erinbaderin

    grapefruit / 4708 posts

    We’re going straight from full-time daycare to kindergarten, although we do have some fun stuff planned for the next few weeks - a day at an amusement park and a long weekend at the cottage. Still waiting to hear on his class - actually I’ve realized I have no idea how we even find out. We did find out that a neighbour who B likes goes to the school he’ll now be attending - he’s going into SK, so I’ve emailed the school to see if B can be in the same class, and have my fingers crossed.

    @Becky: I’m dreading having to pack lunches!

  11. Mrs. Carrot

    blogger / pear / 1543 posts

    @hitchhiker: I love the idea of celebrating your own milestones! Definitely will talk to hubby about that.

    @erinbaderin we're in the same boat with class assignments. I heard from the school that we won't find out until the open house, which is the day before school starts! And our bus info is supposedly coming to us the week before school starts. We're in a huge school district so I think this is the norm but for first timers, it's definitely anxiety inducing.

  12. Charm54

    cantaloupe / 6885 posts

    @Mrs. Carrot: I’m a teacher so have been off with both girls all summer... we’ve been doing lots of special stuff and it feels even more special knowing it’s C’s last summer before school. We have a week at the beach and her birthday party before school starts and I know she’s really looking forward to that.

    We found out her teacher and she is fantastic. She knows several kids in the class from daycare so that is great too.

    I actually will be working in her classroom on and off throughout the year as a Literacy coach ... I’m going to try and avoid being in that class for the month of September as I think it might make her transition harder.

    I’ve started buying school supplies, lunch bags, etc ... I can’t believe it’s almost Sept

  13. rattles

    grapefruit / 4855 posts

    DD’s new teacher called today to introduce herself to me and say hello to DD, which she really loved. L’s been excited but nervous, and I think hearing that her teacher was friendly and equally excited helped put her at ease. We go in to see the classroom and meet the teacher in person on Monday evening, and school starts Wednesday. It’s been an awesome summer, but I feel like it’s flown! I’m dreading getting back into a school routine!

  14. mrsbookworm

    pear / 1811 posts

    Can’t believe school is starting already! We just moved back to the states from Europe on Sunday. I registered DS for kindergarten today. Luckily, they were really nice even though we missed all their deadlines. They have an orientation day that starts with the child and a parent getting picked up by the bus and brought to school. Then, each student goes to their classroom with their teacher while the parents meet with the administrators. The bus returns you home again. We received a school supply list and we’re supposed to bring it to orientation. I guess so the kids don’t have to carry everything?
    Hopefully the first day will be fabulous for all!

  15. Corduroy

    grapefruit / 4852 posts

    @mrsbookworm: I was just wondering when we’re supposed to bring school supplies in. DD needs 6 reams of paper plus lots of bulky things (tissue boxes, paper towel rolls) I know she can’t carry it and I’m going to have trouble walking it to school.

  16. JCCovi

    apricot / 436 posts

    We had our parents-info night last night! It was mostly logistics and we didn’t meet their teachers but at least we know what supplies to send! At our private school all they are asking for is a bag, lunch, snack, and water bottle. They will be providing a ‘take-home’ folder to send notes and stuff home. I was definitely told at my campus tour last winter there would be no homework for K but it sure sounds like a homework folder so we’ll see!

    I did meet a couple other parents and even found a carpool buddy for 2 days a week. I wasn’t looking for one but it’s actually going to make my life way easier!

  17. mdf106

    clementine / 758 posts

    We had meet the teacher day today. We saw his classroom and met the teacher, who is very young and in her second year of teaching. The supplies we bought through the PTA are already there. We are planning to have DS buy lunch, so the only additional things we need are a backpack (we have a Mario one), a water bottle, and a snack (we are planning on a banana). Lunch is at 10:30, so he might not be too hungry. Everything was labeled with his full name, while he goes by a nickname, so they will change that. We should be able to do a birthday celebration some time next week, but they prefer no food.

    Our school district seems to start earlier than the surrounding school districts, I am not sure why.

    @hitchhiker: I am also taking off the first day of school.

  18. Alba4

    nectarine / 2881 posts

    @rattles: that’s so cool!

    We find out my DS’ teacher on the 17th. There is a school wide open house the afternoon before school starts.

  19. mdf106

    clementine / 758 posts

    DS had a great first day of kindergarten, and was excited to go back today. Noone cried. Walking to school was a nice short walk. They went to the library, and he checked out a book. It does not have a due date, though. He bought his lunch with no problem, although did mention that he was not that hungry at lunch (at 10:30, I can't blame him). I am pretty sure they didn't do anything academic, just settling in to school. He did not seem unusually tired or energetic after school. All we brought to school are a backback, water bottle, snack, and cash in case the the lunch money account did not go through.

    We missed an e-mail from the teacher indicating that we can pick them up 15-30 minutes before the school officially gets out, and also with other information. Now we are on the teacher's e-mail list.

    @JCCovi: We have a take-home folder, which does not seem to necessarily require homework. It did have a share and tell bag, though. It has a behavior sheet, a drawing, forms for us to fill out, a schedule, and a carpool sign.

  20. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    @Becky: @erinbaderin: Also dreading packing lunches...

    I finally finished getting DD registered yesterday, except for the Vision test I cannot for the life of me find. I have put that task on DH.

    I printed our supply list, its pretty simple - not too much worry. I've been more focus on DDs specific "supplies" - which I have buttoned down now.

    I am going to be getting DD a Class of 2031 t-shirt and a Mommy & Me bracelet...so I need to snag those off Etsy.

    Anyone get pre-made labels for their kids items (backpack, rest time blanket, gym shoes/clothes, etc)?

  21. JCCovi

    apricot / 436 posts

    Today is our first day of school! Good luck to everyone else in the same boat!

  22. erinbaderin

    grapefruit / 4708 posts

    Wow, you guys start early! We don’t start in Ontario until Sept 4!

  23. MrsDynamiteGal

    cherry / 119 posts

    Good luck everyone. Due to circumstances our new kindergartener starts next Tuesday.

  24. dolphin

    pomegranate / 3755 posts

    @erinbaderin: We start on Sept 4 too! We live in Chicago.

  25. mdf106

    clementine / 758 posts

    @erinbaderin: When I lived in the northeast, school always started in September, because the schools did not have air conditioning (at least when I was growing up). Now I live in Texas, where you need air conditioning for half the year. My school district seems to start unusually early, most around here start next week, with a few not starting until the following week.

  26. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30647 posts

    @Mrs D: I thought about ordering labels from Inchbug, but decided to just buy some Avery clothing labels and regular waterproof labels and I'll write on them with sharpie. If they don't hold up though, I might end up ordering from Inchbug.

    @erinbaderin: @dolphin: We start September 5th! New England here.

  27. lindseykaye

    pear / 1563 posts

    First day of school was Monday for us (Florida). I'm used to this schedule as the year has always begun around this time, even when I was growing up but I know it's way earlier than most of the country.

    It went great. My apprehensive/nervous all-summer LO was transformed into a bundle of excitement after the open house last Friday. She went from not even wanting to go inside when we arrived that day to not wanting to leave when meet-the-teacher was over. Her first day was smooth sailing thankfully. We left sunscreen, bug spray, and cortisone cream with our medication release thanks to the FL mosquitos and sunshine.
    The kids only 'homework' ahead of the first day was to bring a picture of themselves from summer to use in a craft. Then they got 'all about me' bags to fill for share time on Friday. They also have a primary journal to draw pictures or practice writing in at home if they want, but it is not a formal assignment and does not get turned in.

    She did go to bed that night very tired and (I think because of her tiredness and everyone talking to her about school ALL DAY) reluctant to go back in the AM. She complained that it is so much longer than last year (3pm release vs. 12:30 for VPK), how they only get story time with snuggle buddies at the very end of the day, etc. but we just kind of said "tomorrow is another day, let's get some rest" and she woke up happy and ready to go. We talked about why the day is longer - more fun things to do, extra recess time, etc. and she was happy with that.

    Good luck and happy starts to all!

  28. MrsDynamiteGal

    cherry / 119 posts

    Maybe I'm weird here, but has anyone else experienced low-key anxiety during Kindergarten open house? 😬

    Like you follow the parental instructions and guide your child throughout. But ya can't help questioning every step and if you did it right. 🤔

  29. Charm54

    cantaloupe / 6885 posts

    @Mrs D: I bought Mabel's labels. We've used them throughout daycare years and they're great. I really like the shoe stickers.

  30. JCCovi

    apricot / 436 posts

    @Mrs D: We used Inchbug labels last year ad they were great. I just ordered some more but a few of their things weren’t labeled this morning. Oops!

  31. JCCovi

    apricot / 436 posts

    Our first (3 day) week went well! My daughter was exhausted after every day but said she loved it.

    The only problem is she sat out of PE 2 days in a row because it was too hot. She’s very active but she’s never had to workout/run around when she didn’t want to. I’m not sure how to fix this before next week, any ideas? She’s always been really sensitive to being hot.

    We also passed out her birthday party invitations and have already gotten some RSVPs, so that seemed to work out well. We weren’t going to be given a class list with contact info until the second week in September (give people time to opt out) so I’m just counting on the kids to give them to their parents.

  32. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4377 posts

    Just catching up on this... lo started this week and although we didn't really have any info about the new class til the open house the night before, it all went fine. I figure they can't really hold you to stuff they're telling you the day before school starts. 🤷‍♀️ The teacher had everything ready to go so we didn't really need to know much anyway. I just need to send in the extra clothes bag and rest time bag and we're good. School lunch gets paid online so we do a lot of that (3/5 days a week?) and just pack a snack in a ziplock or whatever bc she has a tendency to lose snack containers bc she doesn't have her lunch bag with her. A little homework but not too bad!

  33. Becky

    kiwi / 656 posts

    Ugh, just heard from our transportation department that or bus won’t pick up at our house and the stop is around the corner. And my kid is 4. So I’m looking for creative solutions that won’t put too much pressure on my mom and MIL who will be getting her on the bus while also watching our 2 year old. If we lived in California it would be a nice morning walk, but we live outside Buffalo so that means bundling up 9 months out of the year and walking through snow December-March. I begged them to switch the stop to the end of our “block” but I’m not 100% comfortable letting her stand there alone despite living in a safe town (ok I’m not even 5% comfortable). We can’t drop her off at school because the earliest drop off is 8:30 (Isn’t everyone at work by then?!). And then on top of it she will be getting off the bus at a time her sister is usually napping. Kind of panicking because we were counting on reducing our daycare costs and if we have to send her there this will raise them, and I don’t even know if they would have room. Oh, and school starts in 2 weeks.

  34. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4377 posts

    @Becky: Can your mom/MIL do drop offs and pick ups at the school? They might not find it to be that big of a deal. It kind of becomes routine and there are lots of other people with younger siblings at pick up usually. (We're on school year four of drops offs and pick ups with lo2, who is about to start preschool, and lo3 is about to have to do two sets of drop offs and pick ups at different times and about 20 minutes away as long as there isn't traffic!) Or even maybe drive to bus stop if you have a garage and that would save the bundling? Other than that, we have always just used the stroller when lo2 doesn't want to wake up and/or is grumpy!

  35. Becky

    kiwi / 656 posts

    @2littlepumpkins: My mom could never get me to school on time and has a hard time doing anything on time so she wouldn’t be able to do it. My MIL will bundle them up though. That’s a good point though about heating the car up to do it in the winter!

  36. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30647 posts

    Xander starts next week and I'm so anxious!! The lack of communication is KILLING me. There's apparently a thing happening today to find out what teacher you have, but the only reason I even know about it is because I joined the school's PTO Facebook group. There's been no official communication about this AT ALL. And we've so far received NOTHING from the school. I hate this.

  37. dolphin

    pomegranate / 3755 posts

    DD starts next week and I'm just ordered her uniform and school supplies! Do you put labels on their lunch box and water bottles??

  38. Silva

    pomelo / 5875 posts

    we went to orientation morning today, even though my daughter is only doing 2-3 afternoons/ week at the school. I got her teacher assignment last week after she attended a play date/assessment thing, and the teacher has been so supportive and kind via email as I shared my goals in primarily homeschooling. I'm so glad she has been so accommodating, and not made me feel weird or crazy at all!!!!
    THe orientation was just 1 hour in the classroom (parents left after about 15 minutes), and then we rode the bus together. A relief that my daughter is into the bus- her taking it home will make my life a LOT easier, but I wasn't sure how hard i was going to have to push

    I think I'm always going to second guess this decision to keep her home, but I'm trying to remain optimistic that it will be a good balance for our family, and that if it isn't working I can always transition her in full time later in the year.

    ETA: tomorrow is the first day for kindergarten students, today was the first day for the rest of the school. my daughter will go in the afternoon and meet the art and music teachers (they are cycling through all of the unified arts classes in the afternoon tomorrow as part of orientation)

  39. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30647 posts

    @dolphin: I was going to label everything! Backpack, jackets, snack container (I won't be sending lunch), water bottle, etc.

  40. dolphin

    pomegranate / 3755 posts

    @Adira: which labels did you get? i feel like I'm scrambling to get everything last minute! I went to my local target and they were out out markers! how could they be out of crayola markers?!

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