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February 2018 moms!

  1. Tionn3

    kiwi / 580 posts

    Just wanted to update everyone. Aaron was born on Feb 4th at 8:24pm at 38 weeks and 3 days. 6 lbs 4 oz. and 19 inches long. It was such a crazy experience!

    My water broke out of no where on Saturday at 9pm so we went straight to the hospital. They didn't check me because my water had already broken and they checked me into an L and D room right away. I labored on my own for about 5 hours until I just couldn't take it anymore.

    Since I didn't know how far I was dilated, I got the epidural. after they placed the epidural and my catheter they checked me for the first time and said I was at 9 cm and pos 1! We thought he was going to come out in a matter of 2 hours...but we were so wrong!

    I was stuck at 9 cm for 16 hours! They had to put me on pitocin and place internal heart and contraction monitors. At one point he wasn't handling the pitocin well so they had to turn it off, give me an amnio infusion and then turn it back on slowly.

    At 5pm on Sunday they said I still wasn't progressing and started talking to us about a c - section because I had been ruptured for almost 24 hours and started to get a fever. The doctor said they could give me 2 more hours or do the c section right away. After the doctor left I started crying hysterically. I was just so done. I hadn't eaten in 24 hours, I was tired and in a lot of pain. My DH and I agreed on giving myself 1 more hour, before getting the c section. 1 hour turned into 2 hours because there was a shift change. I pretty much lost all sense of time. When the doctor finally came in to check me it was 7pm. She did a quick check and announced that my cervix was gone, and that you could see the babies head! I started to push, and pushed for 1.5 hours before he was born.

    I had to stay in the hospital until Wednesday morning because they thought I had chorioamnionitis and I had to be put on IV antibiotics. We are now both home, and everything is going well =]

  2. MaryM

    GOLD / grapefruit / 4938 posts

    @Tionn3: Glad everything turned out ok! What an ordeal!

    I'm at work for what I'm guessing will be the last time. I was planning to come in Monday, but only slept two hours Sunday night. Since I got four whole hours last night I made the trip in to wrap things up and make sure some physical things got to the people who needed them.

    I feel like time is passing so much more quickly at work than it does at home! Maybe I just needed the change of scenery

  3. periwinklebee

    GOLD / nectarine / 2427 posts

    @Tionn3: Congrats!!! I'm really sorry for the long labor, but so happy your LO is here

  4. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1675 posts

    @Tionn3: congrats on his arrival!!!!

  5. DesertDreams88

    pomegranate / 3061 posts

    @Tionn3: congratulations on Aaron's arrival and going home!! It sounds like such a difficult/distressing experience there at the end but I'm glad you didn't have to get a CS as I imagine that wasn't your desired outcome.

    @MaryM: yes, work makes it all pass by much quicker!!

  6. MaryM

    GOLD / grapefruit / 4938 posts

    @DesertDreams88: I've been "working"...but being in the office seemed to go by so much faster! Until everyone needed a piece of me at once that is...

    I'm hoping tomorrow might go more quickly too. Our cleaning lady is coming by so I'm planning to go to Starbucks or the library to work so I'm not under her feet.

  7. CatchAFallingStar

    pear / 1789 posts

    Had my 38 week checkup today. I'm dilated 2 but not effaced at all. Starting Evening Primrose Oil tonight. Hoping it will work! If I'm dilated more and starting to efface by next Thursday, I'll be induced that evening or Friday morning. Eek!

    Anyone else using herbs of any kind? How dilated are/were you at 38 weeks? Effaced?

  8. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1281 posts

    @dominobee: I'm sorry to hear about your mystery fever! Hopefully you are feeling better and you'll be going home today or tomorrow.

    @Tionn3: Congrats! I'm sorry your labor was a bit crazy but I'm glad you were able to avoid the c-section! Hope you are doing well now at home.

  9. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1281 posts

    @MaryM: Glad you're about wrapped up with work! But yes, keeping busy is def a good call. @DesertDreams88: Working right now is so exhausting esp. bc I have to get up so early, but it does make the days go by quickly! I'm hoping next week's vacation doesn't drag too much and that maybe baby girl decides to arrive a bit early! But not holding my breath on that. When do they check your platelets again?

    @CatchAFallingStar: I have my 38 week appointment today so we'll see if they check me - I can't really remember from my first pregnancy but I think maybe she didn't check until 39 weeks. I'm pretty curious though, I know it doesn't really mean anything so I won't be disappointed if I am not dilated, but if I am that will definitely give me a mental boost going into labor. Hopefully the primrose oil helps out!

  10. MaryM

    GOLD / grapefruit / 4938 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: I had my 38 week check up on Tuesday, and have yet to have a cervical check. I'm guessing since the baby is breech and we're assuming a C section, the doctor hasn't been too concerned with checking.

    If he happens to have flipped when I check in for surgery Monday, THEN he'll check. If I'm at all dilated then, we can consider an induction.

    @petitenoisette: The one perk about working from home has been that since I'm waking up early anyway (stupid insomnia), I start working at 7 or 8 and end up quitting and taking a nap in the early afternoon. But if the baby suddenly flips and I have to wait to go into labor...I'm not sure I can keep doing this working thing much longer!

  11. dominobee

    pear / 1552 posts

    No fever in over 48 hours and I’m likely to be discharged today! They still never pinpointed the source of my fevers but I am going home on oral antibiotics just to be safe. I’ve now been in the hospital for 11 days. We’ve had our new parent bootcamp confined to a tiny hospital room with limited supplies and we could not be more thrilled to be going home. I don’t dare say taking care of newborn twins will feel easy, but it’s going to be so much more manageable in the comfort of our own home. And I can’t WAIT to sleep in my own bed!!

  12. bushelandapeck

    pomelo / 5712 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: I drank red raspberry leaf tea the last week of my pregnancy this time and last time. I think it helped bring on contractions.

    @Tionn3: congratulations! What an ordeal! I’m so glad he’s here and you’re both home now.

    @dominobee: yay! Enjoy your comfy bed and being home with your boys

  13. MaryM

    GOLD / grapefruit / 4938 posts

    @dominobee: YAY for going home!!

    My doctor just called and my scheduled C was moved from 11:30 to 7 a.m. We'll have to get there at 6:30.

    On one hand, damn that's early! But on the other...yay for getting it over with sooner!

  14. snarkybiochemist

    pear / 1675 posts

    @dominobee: yay for going home and having your own bed and more space to figure out parenting (although it sounds like you guys got a really good crash course in it)

  15. Ergggg

    coffee bean / 43 posts

    @MaryM: Monday!!! enjoy your weekend!

  16. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1281 posts

    @dominobee: Hope you're home and settling in nicely!

    @MaryM: Prob good it's moved up, I'm sure you'll have trouble sleeping either way! You're so close! Enjoy this last weekend sans bébé

    Had my 38 week check-up yesterday, my doctor didn't check me so no clue on dilation, etc. She said she'll check next week. I was feeling pretty uncomfortable last night and maybe was having a few mild contractions? The quasi-plan is to induce around 41 weeks if I haven't gone into labor and if my cervix is favorable, but since it's for a VBAC they can only do "induction-lite." I am hoping it doesn't come to that! Working today, and next week my school is on break then I go back for the Monday after as my last day if the baby hasn't arrived. My LO1's bday is next Saturday so we're also crossing our fingers hard right now for no birthday twins!!!

  17. Ajsmommy

    nectarine / 2179 posts

    just dropping in to say Hi and good luck to all you feb 2018 momma's... my feb 2017 babe just turned one on Saturday. I was watching to see if any of you would share his bday...

    Good luck!!

  18. DesertDreams88

    pomegranate / 3061 posts

    @MaryM: thinking of you today!

  19. jodyblair

    kiwi / 609 posts

    How many mamas are still waiting on our babies here? I’m 39 weeks 4 days today, pretty much zero sign of anything happening, and officially the most pregnant I have ever been. So ready to meet this little guy!

  20. CatchAFallingStar

    pear / 1789 posts

    @jodyblair: I’ll be 39 tomorrow .. just lots of Braxton-Hicks. Was hoping to go into labor before my induction. Hang in there!

  21. periwinklebee

    GOLD / nectarine / 2427 posts

    @MaryM: thinking of you too!

  22. Ergggg

    coffee bean / 43 posts

    @jodyblair: [waves] I'm 39 weeks tomorrow, scheduled c-section is March 6 but I really hope I go into labor before then. Last night I had some timeable contractions (~10 minutes apart) but they went away.

    Question for anyone else who had false labor that was kind of timeable--how soon afterward did you go into actual labor?

  23. petitenoisette

    persimmon / 1281 posts

    @jodyblair: @CatchAFallingStar: @Ergggg: waiting too! 39 weeks today, and I don’t foresee going into labor early. With LO1 went into labor on my due date - hopefully will at least happen by then this time too! I’m on vacation this week and honestly I feel like I feel too good to be about to go into labor (I’m also trying to jinx myself by making lots of statements like that 😜). I’m sure if I were working I’d feel worse and I’m dreading going back (for one day) if I don’t go early!


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