DH and I have been nt/np for over a year. 11 months ago i had a chemical pregnancy. When that happened DH decieded that maybe he wasnt ready so we decided not to try for a while.

FF to now- We lost my Grandfather in January and DH said that he realized that life is to short and he wants to start a family.

I have been tracking ovulation for over a year now any my cycles are like clockwork… I ovulated on CD 19 and we BD on CD 16, 18 & 19.

Since ovulation i have been crampy, and feel pinching. I usually have minimal CM by now ( CD 28) and i still have EWCM.

On CD 25 i had very little pink spotting only when i wiped and it only one time. I had some more noticable cramping when this happened. I got excited and thought it was IB because this has never happened before.

I am now 10DPO and am getting negative tests still. Should i be see something by now? or am i testing too early?

based on how different the past faw days have been compared to any other cycle, I was convinced this was it for us. I know that there are so many people that try for months and years and im boohooing that it didnt happen the first month. But i felt in my heart that this was it, and that feeling is quickly fading.