So...we are moving our whole family across the country next month (eek!) and I am flying with the kids (age 13 mo and 3.5 yr) alone while DH drives with the 4 pets. We've done lots of cross country/international trips with them, but this is the first time I'll be doing it solo. I will be bringing their 2 travel car seats, and we'll have a carry on for each and checking a bag for each, and I bought the baby her own seat. Flying United.

I have never installed car seats on the plane, usually gate check, but I feel like by myself it would be easier with at least the baby in her seat, and then I would just rather put both of them in their car seats. Can I install 2 car seats in one row on the plane? It states they have to be in a window seat so it would seem that means I can only have one kid in a seat (the baby, which will cause great strife from big sister!).

I had been planning on using our collapsible wagon (from Costco) to haul the seats and carry on to the gate and at our connection (which is <1 hr) while LO1 walks and I wear LO2, but on the United site it states that wagons cannot be gate checked like strollers. We have a stroller but it wouldn't be nearly as efficient for hauling all that stuff (with the bonus that LO1 could jump in if needed). I'm not sure it's small enough to fit in the overhead if needed. Thoughts?

And..I have LO1 set with the ipad and some markers and books, but any new ideas for entertaining a 13 mo on a plane? She's in the wild alligator-don't restrain me phase. We do have a buckle toy she loves watching me buckle and unbuckle, but that only goes so far...