Our 18 mo old will eat almost any veggie and fruit but the only meats she will do is breaded chicken (organic nuggets), turkey meatballs, some fish (organic fish sticks or fish fillets that are breaded) corndog nuggets (made of chicken) Mac and cheese, veggie pasta, turkey sausage, plain ground beef, pb and j and grilled cheese. She doesn’t really do mixed foods (casseroles and such) and doesn’t like tomato sauces. Breakfast foods are pretty easy. I don’t cook a lot during the week unless my husband is home and we eat more “grown up” foods (things with more spice like chili, tortilla soup, sweet and sour chicken, casseroles, etc) Should I just try to introduce those things and at least have her try it? If she asks for something I’m eating, I’ll let her try it. But she won’t eat deli meat, regular hot dogs, regular chicken or turkey (like grilled or baked chicken or roasted turkey). We don’t eat pork by choice. I’d love any advice.
I’m not concerned about anything really just more curious.