My LO is 6+ months and all of a sudden, starting last Sunday, he decided he does not get tired anymore and won't go down on his normal 11:30am nap. We pushed it further and further out, and he still wasn't napping until we put the white noise on (normally he passes out on his own).

I think we are going to be approaching the 2-3-4 nap schedule, but how does the feeding fit into all this? Solids and all?

Here is what we currently have that is still changing:

7am breastfeed
745am breakfast
930am-10:15am nap 1
10:45, or even 11am bottle 1

???? nap 2
(it used to be 11:30am. he normally naps 1.5 hours, not sure anymore)

1:45pm bottle 2

(there used to be a 3:00pm nap, nowadays we don't know when to put him down or if we should put him down)

3:45pm bottle 3
4:00pm dinner
6:45pm breastfeed (usually passed out)
7:15pm bedtime

Any suggestions on what we should do to modify this?

How is your 2-nap schedule looking like combined with the feeding schedule?