EBF moms: Do you start spacing out your feedings to 4 hours @ feed when your LO was 6 months? How did you do it? How much do your LO drink+eat @ feed? What is your schedule like?

I am not sure if my son is normal anymore but we've been feeding him every 2.5-3 hours. It has been working fine until now. Recently he is not hungry at his regular feeding times anymore. For example, he nursed at 645am and had 2TBS of oatmeal at 7:30-8a. Then he only ate 2 oz at his regular 10am feeding. It took great struggle to get him to eat another oz before his naptime at 11:30a. Then at 12:30 he couldn't nap and he cried. I thought he was hungry so I nursed him but I believe he took only 2 oz (his normal feeding time was at 1p) . Then again, at 2-ish I think our nanny made him eat 1 more oz. At the 3:30p feeding, after much struggle, he drank 5 oz, and then some oatmeal afterwards. Then he nursed maybe 3 oz before bed at 7pm.

We just started solids last Saturday. In the old days before solids, the good times he usually took 4-6 oz 6 times a day.

Is this consider normal for a 6 months old who just started solids? is it time to space out the feedings to every 4 hours? The thing is he didn't even eat that much solids, maybe 1-2 TBS of cereal mixed with 2-3 tbs of breastmilk 2 times a day. He also hasn't been gaining weight well (He only gained 13 oz between 4-6 months) and that's why I am so concerned.

Another thing is, if you do start spacing it out to every 4 hours, will it impact your milk supply? Or it doesn't matter because milk supply is supposed to tank starting now?