LO is a little over 8 months now and he was doing great when we were doing 2 solids (breakfast and dinner) and 5 breast milk feedings. Now that we introduced a 3rd solid meal (lunch) and it threw everything off! He is now refusing the bottle after lunch, and also refusing the nursing/bottle before bedtime.

Our schedule is in line with all those sample 8 month schedules I can google. So I am not sure what is going on. I talked to two of my friends and they both think I am feeding LO too often and that's why he's not eating.

Here is our (failing) schedule:
6:30-7am Nursing
7:45am breakfast (usually 1-3+ oz of food)
10:45am bottle 1
12:45pm lunch
1:30pm bottle 2 (he'd refuse or drink very little on this)
4:05pm bottle 3
4:30pm dinner
6:45pm bottle or nursing (he's been fussing and not want to take this one for 4 days in a row now)

What is your feeding schedule at 8-9 months? Do you have any suggestions on how to change/improve our schedule? I am just sick of prepping 5 oz bottles and having to pour those away because it is hard to pump all that milk out and pour them to the drain!