LO is 8 months now. We started solids at 6 months and he went from eating a few bites to finishing 3-3.5 oz of purees at one meal at around 7+ months. And he would still be able to eat 1/3 of a yobaby cup of yogurt. I thought hey, this is the beginning of natural weaning!

However, recently he started "reverting". Starting last week he has been taking in less and less solids.... to a point where he only ate a few bites and started screaming. He would be barely eating 1 oz and started refusing to eat and rubbing his face, with food, allover. He's been going back to drinking more (breast)milk though. (4-5 oz a feed).

He used to love chicken porridge. Nowadays we have to throw them away because he would only take a few bites. Our nanny said maybe he's sick of eating the same food over and over, but I don't really think that's the reason...

Is this normal? Has this happened to you? I just worry he wouldn't be getting enough iron. What would you do?