LO is 7 months old and has 5 teeth. So we started giving LO purees at 5.5 months. He loved it. By 6 months he was eating purees 3xs a day and had never rejected anything. I honestly started to think that his "full" alarm was broken. He just never turned away. Well, I guess about 2 weeks ago, he started turning away before finishing his food. No biggie. I was relieved that he seemed to be getting full. But this past week he has started completely rejecting the purees. Yesterday, he accepted 1 bite at breakfast, ate about 1/2 of a container for lunch, and finished it at dinner. I started thinking that maybe he just wanted more texture, so a few days ago, I softened some green beans and carrots and chopped them up really fine. He ate some, but not very much. I read a book on BLW so I tried some things suggested there.... egg yolk (hated it) and steamed bell pepper strips (bit into it and almost choked). This morning I tried mashing a banana, he gagged, and then I tried some mashed peach, which was super soft, and he gagged and thew up. Now, he has had a clear runny nose for a few days, but he hasn't been acting any different. It just seems to be teething or allergies.

Saying all this, he is still nursing really well.... so I know he's not going to starve. I just don't know what to do. Did anyone else go through this? Any advice or foods I need to try?