What am I doing wrong??????? Please help -

LO is 9 months and he doesn't like to eat. He only eats 3-5 oz a bottle. I followed most people's schedules and doc's recommendations to feed him 5 bottles a day, and 3 meals a day. However, he just doesn't eat!!!

This week, he only ate maybe 1-2 oz of solid food @ meal, so maybe 4-5 oz of solid food total for the whole day. Then he's trying to skip a bottle, and he'd either refuse the 11am or 3pm bottle. And then each bottle he only drinks 3-5 oz.

It could be related to the recent fever he had (102 F this Monday, but he's recovered now except he still seem to have runny nose), but he has been trying to skip 1 bottle during late morning/early afternoon for the past weeks, while he doesn't eat more solids.

Here is our routine that isn't working:

6-7am Bottle 1 (depending on when he wakes, 3-5 oz)
8:00am Breakfast (he usually eats very little: around 1-1.5 oz)
11am Bottle 2 (3-5 oz, depending on how much he ate at breakfast)
12:30pm Lunch (again, very hard to feed him, around 1-1.5 oz)
1:30pm Bottle 3 (we'd offer 5 oz, but he will always try to skip this one even though he didn't eat much at 12:30)
4:00pm Bottle 4 (4-5 oz)
5:00pm Dinner (this one is usually better, he could eat up to 3-4 oz)
7:00pm Bottle 5 (4-5.5 oz)

I am contemplating consolidating the 11-1:30 chunk, and just offer lunch at 11:15am, and offer a bottle when he's done with lunch. So we cut out 1 bottle. And we don't feed him again until 3:30-4pm. So it will become this:

6-7am Bottle 1 (3-5 oz)
8:00am Breakfast
11:30pm Lunch
12:30pm Bottle 2
4:00pm Bottle 3 (4-5 oz)
5:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Bottle 4 (4-5.5 oz)

Are there too little bottles? Will it work? What are your thoughts and your experience? Any advice for me?

Why can't I just have a son that eats like normal babies?????