Now that we are consistently feeding solids, I wanted to get some opinions on L's feeding schedule. I'm considering taking out a nursing session, but don't know if it would be ok.
L eats four times during the day, and I get home from work around 6:00-6:30. I have been nursing her as soon as I get home, feeding her solids around 7:30, giving her a bath, and then nursing her before bed around 8:30. So that's two nursing sessions and solids all within two hours.
Last night I didn't nurse her when I got home, just did solids, added in play time before bath time, and then nursed her before bed. It was a much more relaxing experience (she nurses for 30 min or so, so it takes up all of our time when I'm home!).
I know she should still get most calories from milk, so I hate taking out a session, but I'm hoping the two sessions will kind of be combined? My boobs definitely have less milk at those sessions, so I am hoping my supply doesn't drop.