Hi mamas!
Just wondering if anyone could share their infants schedule? I think my 9m old is condensing naps down to 2 and it’s affecting his eating schedule and I can’t for the life of me remember how my 3yo was at this age. He does solids 3x day and 7oz bottles. I find when his naps are longer he only takes 4 instead of 5 bottles but seems ok so wondering if I just up to 8oz??
He sleeps from around 7p til 5:30/6:30a and has bottle when he wakes. Then solids around 8:30 followed by nap (anywhere from 1-2 hrs), another bottle then solids around noon time then nap around 1ish for an hour then bottle then dinner around 5:30ush then bottle before bed by 7. He’s up to the stage 3 solids and does puffs well. Just would love to see how other infants schedules are at this stage..

Thanks so much