I know there have been several posts about daily schedules here, but I thought I'd ask my specific one anyway. The background info: DH and I both work out of the house. I usually pick up LO from daycare and get home around 5:30p, and DH follows maybe around 6p. Currently LO is 6 months old, and his bedtime is around 7p. When we get home, we usually play a bit, give him a bath, read, nurse, bed. Then DH and I make our own dinner and hang out for the evening. LO hasn't started eating solids yet, but we plan to over the weekend. Here's my question:

How do you fit in a family meal in the small window between arriving home from work/daycare and your LO's bedtime routine and bed? We want to start having family meals (even if he's just playing with food at first). Sadly, I don't have magic elves to make dinner appear as soon as we walk in the door.

What do you do?

ETA: I'm exclusively breastfeeding, and we're planning to do baby-led weaning if possible. Don't know how the schedule will also work when taking that into consideration. Solids are more for play now than anything.