I know this is one of those threads that gets resurrected a lot, but I need your advice! LO is 10 weeks old and has STTN since 6 weeks. We usually start her bedtime routine at 7pm with a bath, then I nurse her to sleep by 8pm. She wakes up anywhere from 545-615am, but the past couple of days we've had to actually go wake her up.

Here's our schedule currently:

6am: Wake up, pump for ~30 mins while DH gives LO a bottle of BM
6:30: Put LO in RnP while we get dressed + pack bags
6:45: Nurse LO (she is a very slow eater and takes over 30 mins to nurse)
7:15: Change diaper, put LO in car for daycare

So I guess what I'm wondering is, do y'all think there is a point to her getting a bottle of BM if I'm just going to nurse her later in the morning? I want to make sure she has enough, but since she has started to sleep longer and longer, I really hate to wake her up to take the bottle. Should I nurser her, and then pump? I need every oz I can get to cover her daycare, but at the same time, I'm taking a couple oz out every day to cover her bottle.

How much do you feed your LOs in the morning? If you have a young STTN-er, what time do you start their bedtime, and what time do you get them up?