This made me SOOO mad.

So I was at Forever 21 on Saturday with a friend and I hadn't planned on buying anything but found a skirt I LOVED but couldn't find it in a bigger size. I wasn't sure what size I was there because they are a juniors store and I haven't shopped juniors in years. I looked at the medium and it looked teeny so I figured I'd try an XL. I asked store employee if they had any XL's, and the guy looked at me and said, "Oh well XL is in our plus size section. So we don't have that in your size."

Ummmm excuse me?!?! Like seriously did he HAVE to say that. He couldn't have just said "sorry we don't any XL in that particular item" and just let me down easy, but to tell me I'm plus size... really?

I am 155 lbs and 5'8 - I am NOT plus size. I wear a size 6-8 in women's. Ugh makes me mad.

sorry... just needed to vent!