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  1. LadyDi

    apricot / 427 posts

    1. Today's weather. 80 degrees and sunny!

    2. DIY gel manis. I keep my nails painted because if not I pick away at my cuticles nonstop. I wanted to make some budget cuts so for christmas I got a light and have been doing my own gel manis for the past couple of months and have been really happy with the results.

    3. A Wrinkle in Time (the book, not the movie). I missed out on reading this when I was young!

    4. Target's dollar spot (is it still called that? nothing is really a dollar anymore) was killing it this week with beachy/summer stuff. Got some beach toys and an adorable cake plate.

    5. Smoothies! I started making smoothies again (I think there was just a thread about this?): almond milk, berries, half a banana, a scoop of almond butter, and spinach. Sometimes greek yogurt or chia seeds.

  2. IRunForFun

    pomelo / 5366 posts

    @LadyDi: The dollar spot sucked me in, too. I definitely got a shovel and pail and the little sand truck, as well as a big bubble wand (which actually WAS a dollar) and a rubber ball. And I got a cake plate too! Haha.

  3. tinyperson

    pomegranate / 3842 posts

    1. Freezing rain, stormy day = allowed to be lazy inside
    2. busy month at work means I can escape to my office to work this weekend while DH watches the kids
    3. coffee
    4. Netflix
    5. Oreo thin bites in mint creme

  4. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30590 posts

    @erinbaderin: I haven't read the books, so I can't say for sure, but my understanding is that the show does different plots and stuff after the first season, so I would think you'd enjoy it!

  5. Mrs. Peas

    blogger / apricot / 275 posts

    It's been so fun reading about all your favorites each Friday! Hop over to the blog to check out the 5 favorites Mrs. Carrot is sharing today:


  6. Hypatia

    apricot / 357 posts

    1. Dr. Brandt Vacuum Cleaner - I received this ten minute mask in my Boxycharm, and it worked so well, I should have taken before and after pictures. Still not sure it's worth $46 if I had to buy it on my own, but I do think it's rare to find a cleansing product that gives visible results after only one use. My skin is combination dry/oily, and it worked great. The blackheads on my nose and chin are also almost entirely gone, and the large pores on my upper cheeks are no longer visible.

    2. Teach Your Monster to Read - My four year old loves this app, and she seems to be learning a lot from it.

    3. Shoe Rack - We bought this shoe rack to keep by the garage door, and it's been great to contain the chaos.


    4. Cozi - This app by Erin Condren is a great to do organizer. I have separate lists for my chores, meal planning, work, and a general to do. (I use the free version.)

    5. Know and Tell - This book by Karen Glass is aimed at homeschoolers but could be read by any parent. It's a treatise on the importance of narration and memorization as tools to strengthen children's minds and reinforce what they are learning. I think we'll start memorizing short poems this week, using the suggested ones for the early years in another great book, The Harp and the Laurel Wreath.

  7. LadyDi

    apricot / 427 posts

    I love Friday favorites! @Hypatia: I will have to check out the Cozi app. Nothing makes me happier than lists.

    I have a 20% off coupon at Ulta (I know the Sephora sale is happening too, but I don't really shop there, so most of my favorites are makeup or skincare related!

    1. Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar moisturizer. Love how smooth and non-greasy my skin feels after I use this.

    2. Ulta Kabuki Face Brush

    3. NARS blush in orgasm...so excited to try this!

    4. Too Faced Better than Sex mascara

    5. Not makeup, but my in laws have my oldest son overnight so it's just me, DH and DS2. Feels like a vacation!

  8. lioneyes

    persimmon / 1223 posts

    @silva @ladydi just saw this and had to share re: i'll be gone in the dark:

  9. Mrs. Peas

    blogger / apricot / 275 posts

    More Friday Favorites this week from one of our most popular bloggers, Mrs. Starfish (of twinbling fame!) - sorry for the delay getting these up this week:


  10. Hypatia

    apricot / 357 posts

    1. Rabbit Ears on Audible - A bunch of celebrities narrated children's stories (each about 25 minutes long), and Audible has them for around $2 per story. Just search for "rabbit ears." I particularly enjoyed Meryl Streep, Robin Williams, and Catherine O'Hara.

    2. Pizza Cutter - I always used a knife and fork to cut up toddler food. Then I saw a friend using a pizza cutter for that purpose, and it took her about a third of the time to get the job done. One handed, no less. Never going back!

    3. Cascade Platinum Action Pacs - I buy these in bulk on Amazon, setting an email notification from CamelCamelCamel when they go on sale. I prewash NOTHING, guys. I even put bottles and nipples right into the dishwasher.

    4. Roses de Chloe Perfume - My new signature scent. I love roses. I know some people think of old ladies and a one dimensional fragrance that knocks you over, but when you find a good rose perfume, it's just perfection. This scent is soft and graceful and sophisticated. I love the idea of my children growing up and remembering how their mother always smelled of roses and springtime.

    5. Curl Secret Pro - It sucks in locks of hair and curls it in a matter of seconds. It works beautifully on my daughter. The last thing I want to do is wield a traditional hot curling iron around a squirming 4 year old, who, by the way, looks feral if I don't do something with her hair.


  11. Mrs. Peas

    blogger / apricot / 275 posts

    It's Friyay!!! Let's get the weekend started by sharing our Friday favorites. Here is Mrs. Mac and Cheese's list:


  12. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30590 posts

    1. Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LE99PA2/) that Mrs. High Heels suggested! My feet have never looked so amazing!!

    2. Nice weather! Finally being able to go for walks and wear my cute summer shirts and dresses! LOVE it!

    3. Swimming lessons for my kids. My youngest is still refusing to go into the water, but my oldest is having a blast! And it's fun to get to the pool every week.

    4. Arkham Horror - The Card Game This has actually been a favorite for well over a year, but the latest expansion just came out yesterday, so I have a renewed interest in this! I play it with my brother and it's so much fun!

    5. Season Finales I love this time of year when all the shows I've been watching start to culminate into their finale episodes of the season! So much amazing TV happening right now.

  13. BadgerMom

    persimmon / 1238 posts

    @Hypatia: Thanks for the Teach Your Monster to Read app rec. I've been trying to find early "reading" type apps for LO.

    @Adira: Oooh that's great to know the Amope works so well. We just got back from a week in AZ and my feet have never been so dry, they are velcro-ing to my sheets and driving me insane at night lol.

  14. josina

    pomegranate / 3200 posts

    1. These sandals... I love my yara birkenstocks and really wanted a slip-on pair, but without the $100 price tag; these footbed sandals from target are even more comfortable and only $22!

    2. Lilacs! They're in bloom finally so we went over to a friend's house and I had to 'steal' some from their tree. I have one vase at home, and one at work.

    3, The Shutterfly App. I'm horrible at loading and actually printing pictures. I was over a year behind, but I upload photos from my phone to the app, and was able to print 4x6's for free (with shipping). I actually price compared the app to the website and it was half the price.

    4. Along with photos, still LOVE my chatbooks for the kids. Each LO has their own series.

    5. Golden hour. Now that it's finally nice out I love taking the LO's out for a fun photo session, I got some super cute photos last week at sunset.

  15. codeitall

    kiwi / 670 posts

    1. My daughter prefers walking to crawling! FINALLY! Now I don't have to worry about her ripping through her pants.

    2. My son just keeps picking up more phrases!

    3. It is crunch time on my work project so my manager said I can work from home as much as I want till it launches.

    4. The local agricultural store. Ripping out years of weeds, putting in a drip system and prepping my garden is a lot easier when DS wants to go to the store repeatedly to see the chicks and rabbits

    5. My chest freezer full of easy dinner items and tons of meat.


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