I had never seen this before so I wanted to share with others here who may not have seen it (or maybe I just live under a rock).

You've been boo'd game! I found the stationary and supplies at Target (after our neighbor Boo'd us):



Basically - you ding dong ditch someone but leave behind a "boo"...a little bag or whatever of tricks & treats. I snagged a bunch of smaller things from the dollar spot and some candy for ours. Then the neighbor you boo'd passes on the "boo". Super fun way to engage with neighbors.

Also - I ended up boo'ing 4 families - two with small children and two with no children (or grown children no longer in the house) so everyone can be included. The no kid families I left a bottle of wine and two pieces of candies for 1 and a 4 pack of pumpkin beer and cinnamon rolls for another!

Just wanted to share this fun idea!