I’m thinking about what direction to go when we move my 3 yo out of her crib and do up a big girl room.

Currently she has my old maple dresser- it’s 30 years old and sentimental to me, solid wood, but overall it’s not like a super special dresser or anything. I like it because it was mine but generally the style isn’t my current favorite if that makes sense.

So, I was thinking about getting new drawer pulls for the lower drawers, and DH could probably trim the lower decorative piece to a straight line. But is the color just totally dated and I should move on? Her crib is that color, purchased to match the dresser, but I will probably put her in a twin soon after she’s out of the crib. I could have my old fashioned headboard that matches, or we have a white twin bed in her room already anyway.

So.... what do you think of the style? Im too nostalgic to make a decision right now! (Not that a decision must be made right now anyway, and we can always change things up down the line when she is older and has more opinions beyond “purple”.)