I need advice, embarrassed to share photos of my cluttered home, but I think it's too hard to explain without photos.

We have a small two bedroom and new baby is going into our room. My son's room has a wardrobe and changing table dresser which go together decently. Our room has a big dark stained classic dresser which I've always loved, but it's just not the same style as any of the other furniture. I already cleared it out, so we can get by without it. We also have a low profile unfinished wide ikea dresser which stores a lot for its shape, and some cabinets which my husband built that sort of go with it.

Here's my ideas for making "space" for the baby stuff (changing table and diapers). I don't need a lot of space because I can make some extra space in my son's dresser or wardrobe. But I want a little something in our room, if necessarily not a traditional changing table (I think we can just keep the pad on our dresser and move it to the bed for diaper changes).
1. Get rid of dark dresser. Get something that will serve for some baby storage and a changing table in our bedroom.
Keep son's furniture the same.
2. Keep dark dresser, and either store it somewhere else for the future or just leave it in our room?
3. Trade dark dresser and light green changing table dresser in my and my son's rooms.
More options please!