For girls what is your favorite style of names:

Feminine: soft, beautiful and flowing
Gemma, Sienna, Sophie,

Strong: classic, hard sounds, denotes strength
Blaire, Alexandra, Brooke, etc

Biblical: names from the bible
Ruth, Rebecca, Sarah, Mary/Marie, Elizabeth, Esther etc

Neutral: gender-neutral
Taylor, Jessie, Sawyer, Tony, Reagan, Riley, Charlie etc

Whimsical: fairy or princess like, imaginative, fun
Poppy, Faye, Tatianna, Willow, Enya,

Ethnic: uncommon in the US, used mostly with other ethnicites
Ana, Aaliyah, anything from another country really..

Classic/Older: from before the 1950's
Cecilia, Adelaide, Charlotte, Agnes, Claudia, Naomi etc..

Unique/Uncommon: more of a common trend - names that many haven't heard of or don't use.
Winter, Truth, Justice, Neveah, etc

examples are off the top of my head haha! this is just for fun