So this appears to be somewhat of a trigger for me. I'm not sure why. The only thing that really gets me frustrated/angry with our 2.5 year old is this special brand of defiance. I call it happy defiance. She's a very high energy, happy, active kid. She's also really ahead in both receptive and expressive language which I only mention because I worry it leads me to expect more than she is capable of in terms of impulse control. Basically the more important it is that we get something done, the more of a good ball she turns into. She runs away when I try to get her dressed, starts kicking her legs instead of putting her shoes on, basically moves as slowly as possible until I'm so frustrated I'm threatening to skip whatever activity we are attempting to get to. She REALLY wants to go, so its not that she's trying to avoid going, she just has gotten really good at pushing my buttons.

I know logically that she probably can't really control it and threats don't really work (and make me feel like crap). In some ways I feel like it would be easier for me to handle if she were having tantrums or being flat out defiant. I feel bad getting mad at her for being happy/silly!

This morning I mentioned that we might miss gymnastics because we were running so late. Her response, "yeah, because I was feeling so happy." Ugh. I'm a horrible person. Advice? Commiseration? Am I just being a jerk?