My husband and I both love to travel but we have found that since having our three year old, our travel style has shifted a bit. Neither of us wants to spend all of our time getting to a destination and we don't want to spend all our time driving once we get there. (My kiddo doesn't handle long car trips well. 3 hours is her max.) I'm also finding I don't really have the bandwidth to plan excursions and vacations, and we need to stay flexible once we are there, but then sometimes we aren't using our time very efficiently.

I've been wondering about bus tours, bike excursions, train trips, or other kinds of guided vacations. In the past I've never been into the idea but I find it appealing to me more. My daughter loves riding on buses, I like the idea of not driving, and while I've always been concerned about being tied to somebody else's schedule and planning, at this point in our life it feels like it would be a relief to skip at least some of the emotional labor. Anyone done one? I'm thinking to do one that goes through a couple of the big national parks in the southwest. Any recommendations for specific companies that might be more family friendly?