Hi all! We will be flying cross country in a few days and I need some advice on what to pack for us to eat/drink during the long flight. My kids only received their first dose of the vaccine. We know to eat/drink when others are masked, keep the overhead vents blasting, wipe down all surfaces (par for the course) but I want to be prepared to stave off hangry kids and have mask-friendly snacks ready.

Pre-covid I would have packed bagels, sandwiches, fruit, granola bars. But what is easy/clean to eat quickly with masks? My 7yo is a MESSY eater! My 9yo is a frustratingly SLOW eater.

Has anyone flown with kids recently on a long flight? Any tips on foods and drinks that worked? I asked @Mrs. Bee in the comments on her post: https://www.hellobee.com/2021/10/27/headed-to-the-us/
but hoping for any and all advice!

I was thinking about using their old Foogo straw cups for water so they can drink without having to expose their entire mouth to drink. My husband thinks that is unnecessary.

Thanks in advance!!!