We're taking a cross-country redeye soon with our army-crawling (not cruising or walking) 10-month-old son. I've already read most of the travel-related posts here, but in case I missed anything, do you have any last-minute tips?

He'll be a lap infant. I'm already planning to dress him in pjs, bring lovey, books, snacks, new toy, diaper bag, blanket on the plane. We're checking his car seat at the counter when we check bags (bought a bag to cover it and be able to add things like diapers to the car seat bag), we're gate checking his stroller (bought a bag to cover that, too). Hopefully hotel will have a crib, but if not, we'll buy a cheap PnP. Bringing white noise and video monitor since he'll be in the adjoining room of a suite.

Still BF, though I normally pump at least once before bed even on the days I don't work. I'm on the fence about bringing the Medela PISA since I'll be with him the whole time. I could bring a manual pump in case of emergency or in case someone else wants to watch him so I can leave for a bit. He also eats plenty of solids.

Thoughts? Anything I may not have thought of?