I just found out I will need to travel to a conference in Germany for work in mid-June. (Awesome , never been to Goettingen, only just started this job in October so it's nice to be asked, but...)

LO number 1 is due any day now. They will be ~4 months old at the time. DH is a medical student and will be on surgery rotations then (ie very long hours with zero flexibility). My boss is fine with me taking baby with me, and one of my UK family members will take the train/fly over and take care of baby while I work. So it's doable...right?!

What do I need to make this as easy as possible? Should I invest in a lightweight travel crib and get them used to it beforehand? (Any recommendations?) What would make the flight as easy as possible? (I will fly direct Boston-Frankfurt, then take the ICE from there.) Should I try and baby wear or bring a stroller?

Oh hive of great wisdom stop me panicking....