After Anonysquire's post about her family finding her HB profile and sharing it with other people..I realized I am a huge online over-sharer. On sites/forums like this one..what do you share with others?

What information would you never share?

I have/would share(d) my first name, last name, picture, DH's name, pets names, LO's names, state I live in, e-mail (to some people), kind of car I drive, age, race, etc. Not to mention talking about family, IL's, bodily functions, marriage issues, financial issues, etc. I try and keep the last few things vague though.

I feel like that is a lot if someone had a reason to go digging.

I would never share my SSN, any credit/debit/banking card numbers, address (unless to one person specifically, not to the masses). Not a lot, huh?

How about you?