I know this is going to widely vary depending on where you live & the size of your family, but how much does your family spend on groceries every month?

I was going over our grocery/food budget and noticed DH & I spend a little over $700 per month on groceries. This does not include diapers, formula or eating out. I feel like we can definitely improve in this category. We never shop sales or coupon and we do a bulk of our shopping at Costco & a local supermarket near us.

DH & I were at Costco last week and he saw some lamb and decided we HAD to have it ($60). He made an awesome meal out of it but later it had me thinking...we really need to get cut down on the impulse purchases. I'm sure we could drop our budget by a couple hundred dollars if we did. This week I decided to meal plan to see how it goes and if it will help our budget. Wish us luck!

Edited to add: Our family consist of DH, DD who is 3 months old and I.