Not sure if anyone is still here to see this, but I’m looking for other opinions. I have 3 siblings, 26, 33 and 42, none of whom have kids, and we all have access to a shared family camp. Two years ago the then 24 year old invited her friends over for beer pong and Jell-O shots explicitly when my then 20 month old was getting up from nap. I shut it down and said you can’t do that around a toddler. That was then interpreted as me saying no drinking ever at camp, which is not my position at all, and we’re in the process of talking through what’s ok and what’s not (again). All three siblings think there’s nothing wrong with beer pong around kids, comparing it to a sober friend at a party. Am I crazy in not wanting my curious 3 year old to be learning drinking games from her aunts and uncles, even if they have her play with lemonade??? It seems insane to me, but it’s the position they’ve all taken. They’ve also decided that since weed is legal in our state daytime smoking in shared outdoor spaces should also be totally fine no matter who’s around. I don’t care if they’re drinking, but I really don’t want my kid getting a contact high or playing drinking games at camp. Am I the only one totally horrified by these positions? This stuff seems like basic health and safety for kids to me, but the reaction I’m getting is that I’m a total killjoy for asking them to save it until bedtime.

ETA: I should also note that I’m only there 2-3 weekends per summer so it’s not like they never have time to do whatever they want at camp.