I was just talking to my new neighbor outside of our house. Their babysitter just arrived and they were about to go out and have dinner. I noticed their babysitter comes quite often, and I asked how often do they go out, Guess what. They said they try to go out every week ....!!! What?! Is there something I am missing? I forgot when was my last time of actually having a date night!

Her DD came and whined and said she thought her mom was going to put them to bed. She said she will, they were just going out to eat. It is refreshing that people go out for just, say 2 hours during the week, so there is no big pressure of planning a big night out.

How often do you go out for a date night? What is your form of childcare -- namely, do you hire a babysitter, or do you have reliable family help? If you have your life and marriage together please do share your tips and tricks!!