I feel like I barely know my husband's extended family. I feel very comfortable with his mom and siblings (they're really wonderful, loving people) but I hardly know some of his aunts and uncles. His godparents, I've never met. He keeps wanting to be inclusive of them (ie send a Christmas card, me friend them on Facebook, they were invited to our wedding, etc.) but I've never met them. They live a few miles from his mom, so when we visit his mom, it wouldn't be that difficult to swing by to visit his godparents (who are an aunt and uncle on his mom's side).

It's just weird to me, and I've told him that. Especially since I've seen his aunt post stuff to his mom on Facebook about being excited that DH and I are expecting... It's just weird when I don't even know this person but they keep going on about being excited about my unborn child?! lol, it's just odd to me.

I've tried like heck to introduce DH to all of my family and family friends and we are very close with my side of the family. I would be surprised if there were relatives of mine that he felt like he hardly knew. But then again, my family is much closer, and much much smaller than his.

le sigh.