We will be having a gender reveal party sept 28th. We are inviting all of our family and friends to come eat food and have some fun and we will be opening a gift that will have either a girl or a boy outfit inside. My husband and I won't know what the gender is either. I thought it would be nice to have everyone together at once to find out together and have it be a special moment since its our first child.

My family is in love with the idea. But my grandmother in law doesn't like it at all. She said its ridiculous we are going to wait to find out the gender. We will be going to the doctor the same week to get our anatomy scan...so we will be waiting 4 days later at the most. My father in law and sister in law thinks it's dumb kind of for the same reason. DH's cousins seemed surprised we were doing this...not really in a "pleasant" way.

I've always wanted a gender reveal party...and for me, I feel like it will be a super special between both of our families. We aren't asking for gifts. In fact, it says "No gifts necessary" on the invitation. After my husband told me what his family thought I kind of just feel let down.

I know not everyone likes gender reveal parties and I shouldn't care what they think, but it hurt my feelings. It kind of got me wondering if its unfair to ask people to take time to come to a party to find out the gender of our baby. Maybe it's an inconvenience? We are providing a ton of food and things to do...it wont be boring. Rethinking the whole thing at the moment.

What would you do?