He had this demon spawn for about 6 months before we started dating. She's about 5 now and she's seriously the crappiest dog ever. I wish she would run away.

She growls at me and tries to nip me if I come near DH, she sleeps tucked up under him and if I throw my arm over him in the middle of the night, she will bark or growl.

He thinks it's funny and encourages her. She's a little purse dog so even when she bites, it's not anything major. But it's frustrating to me and he makes it obvious that he cares more about her. It irritates me beyond words. I just hate hate hate hate hate this little shithead dog.

We have a second dog who is the friendliest dog, loves to snuggle, loves playing and just being around people. But his dog hates the other dog and will snap at him when he tries to play.

So frustrating.