Does anyone have an interactive baby doll that they like for a young toddler who is baby doll obsessed? I don't need any terribly specific features, just looking for a doll that "does something" - I've seen the Giggly Wiggly Waterbabies that squeak, a Walmart doll that sucks a pacifier, a few at Toys R Us (this was awhile ago) - my main requirements are that it be cute, not crazy annoying, and that it is not super hard plastic (Target had a kicking doll whose legs felt like they'd shatter if dropped). I've seen a lot of things, so I'm really just wondering what might have been a hit with your LO!

Bonus points if it is somewhere like Target, Walmart, or Amazon with 2-day shipping, because DD3's birthday is Monday and her sisters just decided they want to buy this for her.

I don't need a full-on Loveabella doll that is huge or $$$$, because it's for a soon-to-be two year old, and she's very small for her age (think more the size of a 12 or 15 month old) - but if you have one and your child thinks it's just fantastic, I'm open to it.

Thank you!!