My 8 month old son has been going to daycare since he was three months old. There are two regular teachers in his room who he loves who also love him. They are excited to see him and give him hugs when I pick him up in the afternoon.

There is a teacher that fills in that I have seen in his room three times. The first time she wasn’t touching my child and we introduced ourselves. The second time, about a month ago, she gave my son a kiss in the cheek before handing him off to me at pick up. The third time, yesterday, my son was sitting in her lap when I went into the room and she was giving him multiple kisses all over his face but not on the mouth.

I feel weird about this. I’m glad she seems to really like my child but so do the regular teachers and I’ve never seen them kiss him. Has this happened to you? Is this normal? What should I do?