So we are looking for daycare for our baby. She is currently 6 months old and we will be starting in July or August. I visited a home daycare today and I liked it until the provider's 4 year old came home. I then saw how loud and full of energy she was. Which is great, but scared the crap out of me for my tiny baby. She even took a toy out of my babies hands. The provider attempted some boundary setting and rules, but then the little girl let their two giant dogs into the house without warning. They are sweet dogs, but big and excited, and once again baby. The baby would be napping in the little girl's room, whats to stop her from bounding in to the room during naps? This home day care is close to my house and so much cheaper then the center we have a spot in. My husband thinks it will work, I am so scared. Will I be scared with any placement or are my concerns really relevant? I need some feedback!