SO... I finally got my first Wittlebee box today! I couldn't help but be curious so I decided to order one and thought I'd share my results!

Here's what I wrote for my notes and preferences:

These are from what I was allowed to choose from:
Styles needed: Long Sleeve, Dresses/Skirts, Short Sleeve
Accessories Needed: No thanks
Favorite Colors: Pastels, Black & Whites
Graphics: Polka Dots, Hearts

My personal notes:
LOVE: Tea Collection, MiniBoden, BabyGap, Splendid, PeekLittlePeanut, AA,stripes, polka dots,hearts.
HATE: Logo/Brands screen-printed,blue, green,primary colors, and pants.
Would like some rompers, dresses, and tunics if possible. We have too many leggings, onesies, and tees already.

As you can see, we got 3 pairs of leggings/pants! ALL pink! Though I do love pink, I was even surprised at the pink explosion when I opened the box!

After checking them all, I realize that 2 of the bottoms are part of a matching set for the tops. The 3rd solo legging, was actually my favorite one (more of a dusty mauve) and made by Tea Collection!

The first set is kind of like a tunic top (which I requested) and made by Bon Bebe. Meh. It's okay, but I see this kind of stuff at TJ Maxx and never buy it. Also, this set is pretty similar and on sale for $7 on the Bon Bebe site!
I will be writing Wittlebee about this set and trying to exchange it.

The second set is my least favorite design (too babyish), BUT certified organic, which I like (made by Sage Creek Organics).
I found the exact top and different matching pants on their website for $39. Wow! Like I said, NMS, but maybe nice for pajamas. Not sure if I will ask to exchange?

Onesie & Leggings: I specifically said no onesies or leggings. BUT, I DID say I loved Tea Collection. So, in this regard it's 50/50.
- The onesie is cute but a little too neutral or masculine for my taste. I do love the contrast stitching and the organic look, and I did ask for l/s... So I'll keep this one. It's no longer available on the site, but looks to be worth about $16.50-20.
- The Tea Collection legging like I said was my favorite of the 3 pants. Nice material and color. Not sure that I want anymore leggings in the size but will probably keep it. Found it on their site for $15.

Total Est. Value: ~$78 (They say "Every box contains about $100 in retail value of clothes." I paid $29.99.)

Overall impression: Mixed feelings.
I think it's EXCELLENT for moms and dads who 1)Don't like to shop, 2) Don't have time to shop, 3)Want a great value, and 4)Not so particular about their baby's/kid's style.

If anyone's interested, I will let you know how Wittlebee follows up when I try to exchange some items.

What do YOU think of my first box?