Despite reading many posts/articles about what to have ready for clothing for a newborn, I still find I am totally confused. I go to the store and just look at everything and want everything and end up leaving because there's too much and I can't decide!

-How many things should I actually get in "newborn" size? Seems these are up to 8lbs and obviously I have no idea what size he'll be. Don't want to go overboard, but also don't want to be unprepared and have him swimming in 0-3 month stuff.

-For the newborn size/tiny stuff, is it best just to stick to onesies and sleepers and avoid pants/leggings/shirts/separates? Does anyone use that stuff at the beginning, or should I get those only in 0-3?

-Socks! How many? And are booties necessary too (for being outside/winter baby)?

-Hats! Is just one simple warm hat for going outside good enough, or do I need those packs of the cute little cotton hats/beanies that I see everywhere? Are hats used indoors?

-Any must-haves to get through the first little bit without having to run out and get more things? Any major regrets of stuff you got that you never ended up using?

-I've also noticed that the sizing is hard to figure out. I have one Carter's newborn sleeper that I bought, and one 6-month one that's a hand-me-down. I held them up and they're the exact same size. Do they shrink a ton and in that case, are newborn sizes completely useless? I'm scared to wash the one I bought and have it come out of the dryer doll-size.

Any insight from those with experience, please share! Thanks