Today at 11:30am me and the 7 month old went to the hospital. My sister was having a baby! I can't believe it, but my usually very whiney baby allowed for me to stay at the hospital the whole time and watch my beautiful niece be born. He just hung out in the ring sling or playing with toys on the floor. At 6pm my sister was 5cm. She was disappointed. However, 20 minutes later she claimed she had to push and she was right! My beautiful niece is here!

However, when I arrived home I found my home totally clean. That would sound exciting right? No! My mother in law came here just to get the oldest one clothes (she picked him up from school for me) and went to town. She even arranged our bills! Are you kidding me!!!! She cleaned our bedroom and master bathroom!!! I feel widely invaded!!! My husband does not understand why this bothers me, but I don't want anyone going through my personal things. She folded my damn period underwear!!!