Before DD (3y 2mo) could not pee. If we put a diaper on her after she wouldn't pee on the potty (but clearly had to) she had troubles even releasing in the diaper.

Now she goes potty at home. Pee and poop with essentially no accidents. She tells us when she needs to go and then goes. She will not go if prompted.

She will not go at daycare. She will cry and scream for ten minutes on the potty and then stand up and immediately pee her pants. I thought it was a home vs. daycare thing until she peed in a Porta Potty today.

Both daycare and home are real toilets, no trainer seat.

Someone please tell me that eventually she'll put it together Daycare is frustrated but willing to work with her accidents. Thank goodness she peed on the field trip today or I swear they wouldn't believe me that she is home potty trained!