LO2 is 6 weeks old and has always nursed on one side per feeding. Right now he eats every 3 hours which means if I start on my left I don’t end up nursing again on that side for another 6 hours. I have a good supply and can usually pump 3-5 oz from one side if I choose to pump rather than nurse for that feeding (which I’ve had to do on the right side occasionally due to some painful latching). I dealt with some oversupply in the beginning and my LC said that this could help regulate my supply to just what my LO needs which I feel has happened.

LO1 always nursed on both sides per feeding so this one side per feeding thing is new to me. My LC assured me that it’s fine and my supply should be regulated by now so not to worry about supply issues, but I’m hoping for some real life experiences from bees who only nursed on one side per feeding.

1. Did you ever deal with mastitis going so long between feedings?
2. Did you feel like you could maintain your supply going 5-6 hours between feedings on each side?
3. If you went back to work and pumped were you able to pump enough for your LO each day?
4. Did you choose to pump the other side your LO didn’t nurse on to help maintain your supply and build a freezer stash?